Allan King
wellhairy design

Researcher, designer, Illustrator & front-end developer.

Research makes good ideas truly great ideas

and here's some "flavour"

Kent contact centre wall graphics

A super fun piece of work - large format wall graphics designed to inspire employes after the re-commissioning of the Kent contact centre. These graphics where produced in partnership with contact centre staff. The idea used Kent landmarks and historical buildings to create a unique design individual to kent and the people who worked in the contact centre.

Kempella consultancy Zambia

Logo & brand identity, visual style, web design and development. Kempella, a small start up focussing on sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility through applied critical thinking in Southern Africa

Kent pensions fund


This project needed unique visuals that fit in-line with their existing identity. The visual style needs to talk to any age or demographic. These illustrations are designed to provide visual interest and speak to a wide age group.


This work lead to the development of a functional website with a focus on the user. The design was based an initial piece of work that identified key outcomes for stakeholders to support business and user needs